Signs By Rick


Signs By Rick specializes in signage services, and we offer sign installation, maintenance, and repair services of all types in the Butler, PA area for industrial, residential and commercial customers.

A complete custom lettering and design shop located in Butler, PA. We service all types of signs, from sandcarved signs to LED lighting. We make signs of all colors, sizes and types, including window lettering, so we can give our valuable services to any business. We also specialize in truck lettering for businesses who have company trucks or cars. This type of signage can be even more effective than your storefront sign, especially in high-traffic areas.
Our services include:
• Auto Customization
• Channel Lettering
• Computer Lettering
• Crane Service
• Delivery
• Design
• Emergency Service
• Estimates
• Graphics
• Installation
• Lettering
• Lighting
• Logo Design
• Maintenance
• On-site Services
• Painting
• Phone Orders
• Printing
• Screen Printing
• Scrolling Message
• Service Calls
• Sign Erection
• Sign Rental
If you have any questions or comments about our products, please contact us.